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"You were a success!! And my job was saved!! Your review was all positive and weeks after you talk, people are still referring to bits of your talk that affected them... "
Judson W. Davis
Teal's Trucking
  Private and Corporate Coaching  

Find out how...

6 minutes saved a client $35,000
11 minutes opened the doors to $30 million
32 minutes generated $300,000 in profits
47 minutes secured a $2,000,000 annual contract
56 minutes uncovered a $1 billion strategic oversight

Let's work together on...

Catapulting your career.
Creating new opportunities.
Becoming a peak performer.
Leveraging talent within your team.
Opening doors that once appeared to be closed.
Creating new opportunities and eliminating fires
Redirecting your organization’s talent to reach higher goals.
Discover techniques to manage up or down within your organization.

Redirecting focus where you and your organization can produce the best returns.

The list is endless.

  Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation or a small-business owner. My one-on-one executive coaching programs provide knowledge, skill building, and career management for increased individual and organizational performance.  This is a flexible option that enables you to work at a pace and time that fits within your schedule. Our techniques are designed to achieve rapid results based on your individual needs.

"... officially transferred ownership on the 1st of the year... Were ending 11% + up for the year. The final numbers will be in next week. Thank you for all your help and support."

So I had to forward you this LinkedIn message I recieved last night. (BELOW)

At first I thought it was spam or perhaps a poll when I saw the subject line "Tell me your secret of success!" but as you can see below it clearly wasn't. I have to say... you and your lessons are a large part of the the success that she's referring to and looking to emulate.

There's the famous saying about "teaching a man to fish" and well you really do help teach people how to fish and then it's up to them to take those tools and make use of them.

All the best,



Hello there! It's Juliana from old Cheetah days. Hope all is well.

I was just browsing around in linkedin and noticed that your title has been upgraded to Director. You were Sr Account Manager at Cheetah when I left.

So, I'm curious- what is your secret of success that spearheaded you from Account Manager to Director in 3 years? Was it connection, NYU, personal drive or sheer luck?

Congratulations on your success!



Provide a sounding board and advisor for issues of importance for both short and long term professional change.

Develop a long term strategy for career development.

Remove obstacles that have interfered with career goals

Offer immediate feedback by either phone, fax, mail, or Email.

Expedite the transition needed to make decisions.

Serve as a personal private coach

Utilize technology to facilitate communication eliminating the need for traveling.

"You work real fast. We met only 24 hours ago and in the many interactions by phone and email we had since then, you have made an impressive difference: "Working with you has already boosted my self-confidence and ability to take constructive action" ... "Thank you for your presence in my life and continued support."

Joan VP
  Offering Solutions  

Help in addressing business question

Feedback about issues facing your firm

Working as an executive sounding board for business direction

Giving quality feedback vs. quantity on issues and challenges facing your firm.

Offering solutions for prioritizing projects and objectives.

Helping to educate in areas of weakness.


"Quite frankly David, I’m taken a back by how you were able to figure out in 45 minutes on the phone exactly what we had paid Ogilvy a lot of money to figure out, and with so little information. It’s incredible how quickly you did it."

Michael Schriver
DFS Group Limited
President Worldwide Operation


"In less than 6 hours, I had a past client say they would be interested in hiring me for new projects and a national organization call me back commenting on how they loved my submission for a national convention. David kicks butt and fast."

Susan A. Friedmann
The Trade Show Expert

  Are you...  

An executive, manager, professional, business owner, sales professional, director, or decision maker in your business or organization?

Looking for honest feedback and professional coaching to achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives?

Interested in receiving honest feedback and are you willing to hear alternative solutions to your challenges that may be different than you might find from other coaches?


Ready to take the next step in your career?


"Your advice as a strategic advisor has been priceless." ... "You and I have had many conversations covering all aspects of personal and business issues and without fail, I respect and value your comments and direction. To say you have challenged me is an understatement. Your direct, no nonsense advice, cuts through the garbage to get the root of offering new solutions."

Jim Walsh
Alliance Relocation Services

"We've got it. The VC's (Venture Capitalists) just sent of the LOI (Letter of Intent) giving us everything we wanted. Your strategy is always on the money and we've got millions more to show for it. Thanks you. "

Bill Tzizik
Classic Tuxedo Chain

  Call me to review your challenges or send a statement of your current position and what value you expect to gain from a coaching relationship. Rest assured that any material that you submit will be held in the highest confidence. After review, I will call you to discuss your goals and to clarify your situation. If it appears that we are a fit, we can move forward.

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