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David Goldsmith
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David Goldsmith with Nandan Nilekani CEO of Infosys

David's called upon by global leaders for a multitude of strategic and tactical reasons. Infosys, an Indian outsourcing company with 115,000 employees, was launched into the American spotlight in the book by Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat

Mr. Azim Premji and David Goldsmith
Mr. Premji is chairman of Wipro Technologies valued at $17 billion (Premji owns 87%.)
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David Goldsmith is
one of the world's leading Business Forecasters &
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News and History
New York NSA
  As the President of New York States National Speakers Association, David has lead the organization into becoming the fastest growing and largest chapter in the world! The chapter now has over 800 subscribers.
Hot Speaker Award
  Successful Meetings Magazine selected David to be one of the 26 Hottest Speakers out of 15,000 in the industry. (Read the Article)
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